Staticide® Microfiber Cloth

Great for Lenses, Computer Screens, Microscopes

In one motion, this cloth can eliminate the need for harmful cleaners and disposable wipes. This material naturally attracts dust and can withstand multiple machine washings. The sturdy construction of the MFC Staticide®Microfiber Wipe is soft enough to avoid scratching on lenses and glass surfaces. The material lifts dirt and dust without the use of chemicals and gets softer with washing.

Suitable to use on optical lenses, laboratory instruments, microscopes, cell phones, computer screens, and compact disks.

Ideal for the following applications:
• Removing smudges from compact discs, cell phones,
televisions, flat screens, and computer monitors.
• Cleaning camera, microscope, and optical lenses
• Maintaining laboratory instruments
• Polishing glass and stainless steel


  • Size: 9” X 9”, Reusable, machine washable.
  • Soft, will not scratch delicate surfaces.
  • No lint, Non-toxic, Attractive border, Light blue.

IPA Cleaning Wipes

Presaturated general purpose wipes

ACL Staticide® IPA Cleaning Wipes are an essential work bench companion for the removal of solder pastes, inks, adhesives, and flux residues. Packaged in a convenient dispensing canister, these presaturated towel are safe for plastics and metals and suitable for the cleansing of printed circuit boards, hardline coax cables,and for restoring automatic and semi-automatic printer stencils to a spotless state.


  • Evaporates quickly and leaves no residue, Flammable.
  • 70% isopropyl alcohol and 30% deionized water.
  • No cotton: 50/50 of polyester and cellulose for low-linting.
  • Removes oil, grease, ionic and non-ionic residues.
  • Safe to use on plastic and metal.
  • Towel size: 5 x 8 inch perforated wipe.
  • VOC: CARB 70%
    SCAQMD 616 g/L
    Federal 70%

Staticide® Wipes

One-Step Cleaning and Static Control Solution

Staticide® wipes are the ideal anti-static applicator for keeping electronics and equipment clean and static-free. Staticide® wipes have the same long-lasting static protection as our Staticide® topical liquids, but offer a one-step cleaning and static control solution.

  • Will meet MIL-B-81705 for static decay even in dry conditions and low humidity
  • Available in bulk packaging for less waste
  • Individually wrapped in a foil pouch for long life
  • Size: 5″ x 8″

Staticide® Anti-StaticWipes: The protection of Staticide®
in the convenience of a wipe.

  • Available in bulk packaging for less waste.
  • Ideal for use on hard surfaces such as plastic.
  • Long-lasting, Low VOC.
  • Non-toxic & biodegradeable, Prevents dust attraction.
  • Safe for all electronic equipment.
  • Size: 5” x 8”.

Heavy Duty Low Lint Wipes

Ideal for a wide range of purposes from every day cleaning to ESD-safe environments, the LF50 is our favorite wipe to recommend for the application of Staticide® products including our Staticide® topicals and 6001 Mat and Table Top Cleaner. Made with industrial strength hydroentanbled spunlace fabric, the LF50 wipes offers low linting, superior absorbency and exceptional durability. LF50 Heavy Duty Wipes meet practically every demand for cleaning in an industrial clean room manufacturing environment.

  • 12″ x 13″, 1/4 fold
  • Hydroentangled 55% Cellulose/45% Polyester nonwoven wipe
  • Excellent choice for general industrial manufacturing use; clean & economical
  • Maintains strength in wet applications
  • Compatible with ISO Class 6+ (Class 1000) cleanroom environments
  • Available in white (smooth) and blue (slightly textured)


  • Dimensions: 12” x 13”, 1/4 fold.
  • Composition: 45% polyester and 55% wood pulp.
  • Material: Hydroentangled spunlace.
  • Thickness: 13.3 mils (.337 mm) as per ASTM D1117.
  • Breaking Strength: (MD/XD) 35 lb / 19.1 lb per ASTM D5034.
  • Weight: 2.0 oz/yd2 (67.8 g/m2), Appearance: White or Blue.
  • Specific Gravity: (Water=1) .1-.3, Melting Point: >250°C / 320°F.
  • Solubility in Water: Negligible.

Low-Lint Wipes

When a little wipe is all you need, the single-ply ACL Staticide low-lint Wipe can provide the industrial performance of a larger wipe but in an economy size without waste. Outstanding in absorbency and low values of particles, this wipe is ideal for cleaning office equipment and machinery displays.

When a little wipe is all you need, the 8044 Lint-Free
Wipe can provide the industrial performance of a larger
wipe but in an economy size without waste.


  • Dimensions: 6” x 6”
  • Composition: 45% polyester and 55% cellulose
  • Material: Spunlace, non-woven
  • Thickness: 12 mils (.305 mm)
  • Rate of Sorption: 2 seconds
  • Weight: 2.0 oz/yd2 (67.8 g/m2)
  • Appearance: White, Three Sizes.


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