Single-Component Electronic Silicone Sealant

Note : Curing condition: Put the painted component in the air and it begins to cure. It cures from outside to inside, andit will cure 2-4mm thickness in 24h. Low temperature and humidity will extend the curing time.


Application : Sealant for electronic universal parts.

  • Environment-friendly product.
  • High and low temperature resistance.
  • Anti-aging and weatherability.
Item TCR-1791DE / TCR-1791MD
Appearance Transparent
Extrusion speed/g min -1 260
Surface drying time (25°C)/min 6
Hardness/ Shore A 20
Tensile strength /MPa 1.0
Tear strength/ kN m-1
Breaking elongation rate/% 300
Density (25°C) /g-cm -3 1.0
Volume electric resistance rate/Ω cm 3.0×1014
Dielectric constant (50Hz) 3.0
Dissipation factor (50Hz) 0.006
Puncture voltage/kV mm-1 21



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