ESD Dispensing Bottle

Different Sizes are available:

125 ML (Pink)

200 ML  (Pink)

125 ML (White)

250 ML (Pink)

180 ML (Pink)

180 ML (Blue)



Only 180 ML (Blue) On Order.

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These ESD safe bottles are made with a new process of molding polyethylene bottles with a concentrate that does not contain “Exthoxylated tertiary amine,” which is widely used as an anti-static agent. The pH of the DI water solutions tested were the same before and after a seven day period. No color change or any other physical changes were noted for any of the solvents tested.

Specification for this Item:

  • Static Dissipative – Complies with EIA interum STD5 Triboelectric Charge “None”.
  • Solvent dispensers is an deal device for ethanol, methanol, turpenes, thinner and any other liquid applied with a swab, wipe or cotton ball.
  • Material of Bottle: HDPE mixed with anti-static compound.
  • Surface resistance. Material of Mechanical Pump: Stainless Steel.


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