Cross Flow Ionizing Air Blower


  1. Horizontal ion fan, can be a wide range of static elimination.
  2. A large amount of ions, in addition to electrostatic fast.
  3. Four fans air supply, air volume, distance, stepless speed regulation.
  4. Stable performance, safe and reliable.
  5. 5, built-in power supply, the use of more convenient.



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Model ARO-AC2459
 Input voltage  AC 220V /50Hz or 110V/60 Hz
 Power  50W/250W(heat)
 Ion balance  ≤ |±10V |(300mm testing center from the air outlet)
 Discharge speed ≤ 2s (300mm testing center from the airoutlet)
Effective working range  600×1200mm (W*L)
 Air volume  70~120CFM
 Noise  ≤ 50-55db (150mm from the air outlet)
 Ozone thickness ≤ 0.03 ppm  (150mm from the air outlet)
 Working temperature  0 ~ 50°C
 Dimension  450*220*190mm(L*W*H)
 Net weight about7.4kg
 Gross weight  about8.2kg(including packaging accessorie

Working Way

AP-DC2459 horizontal ion fan

Product  Details 

  • ARO-AC2459 cross flow ionizing air blower is a member of the ionizing blower product
  • ARO-AC2459 cross flow ionizing air blower adopt alternating polarity AC high voltage highfield and connect to special emission electrode to ionize air and generates ion halo thus emission positive and negative ion.
  • ARO-AC2459 is widely used in electronics、plastic、 chemical、printing and optics industry etc.

Product Dimensions

AP-DC2459 horizontal ion fan


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