Ceracote Samurai (60W)

  • Replacement parts
Part name Part number
Power unit (with no TIP) SAH-2N (U)
Soldering iron (with no TIP) SAH-2N
Round ceramic heater 75mm/60W SAH-7560S
Soldering iron holder set (sponge included) SAD-SS
Sponges, 5 pcs set CC-SS
Fuses, 5 pcs (100V/200V) BBFU1005/BB-FU2005

Powerfully supports the workability, versatility, and cost
It is the heatsink model adopted with the COMFORTABLE-TIP
capable of handling various work contents.

6 Features of SAMURAI:-

  • Universal design excellent in balancing the thermal resilience produced by the energy supplied by the heater as well as by the amount of thermal storage in the soldering tip.
  • Easily removable soldering tip with a wide variety of shapes suitable for any work with the collet chuck system employed.
  • Supports the reduction of the running costs by employing a stand alone soldering tip with the lifespan of the heater in mind.
  • Provides the stress-less startup speed while employing a stand-alone soldering tip (approx. 40 seconds to reach 350°C).
  • The most suitable soldering tip shape for a work application can be easily found. Attractive 3 soldering tip series without limit of shape.
  • The grip shape designed in the pursuit of ease of use with the work conditions considered.

As of August 2015, the standard
Soldering tips:
[JS series] (26 kinds)
[JN series] (11 kinds)
[JK series] (20kinds) are available (3 series). In addition to the standard soldering tips available, we accept a request for a special order customized with an increment of 0.1 mm.

  • Each set also includes the
    rubber cap for the soldering iron tip.
  • Specification of SAMURAI Station
Part number SAS-1 (with U/JS50B), SAS-2N (without U/TIP)
Power source AC100V 50/60Hz
Power consumption 60W
Control temperature 150~450oC, PID Control system
Temperature sensor Thermistor system
Soldering iron holder Cleaning sponge included
  • Power unit
Part number SAB-13 (U)
Output AC24V
External dimension 120(W) x 96(H) x 141(D)mm
Weight (with no code) 1.9kg
  • Soldering iron
Part number SAH-1 (with JS50B), SAH-2N (without TIP)
Power consumption 60W (AC24V)
Ground resistance of the

soldering iron tip

< 2Ω
Leak voltage < 2mV
Code 1.2m
Total length (with no code) 216m
Weight (with no code) 56g



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