Ceracote Kunoichi (70W)

  • Specification of KUNOICHI Station
Part number KUS -1- 􀊢TIP no.􀊣
Power source AC100V 50/60Hz
Power consumption 70W
Control temperature 150~450oC, PID control system
Temperature sensor K-thermocouple system
Soldering iron holder Cleaning sponge included
  • Power unit
Part number KUB-13
Output DC24V (Pulse)
External dimension 120(W) x 96(H) x 141(D)mm
Weight (with no code) 1.9kg
  • Soldering iron
Part number KUH -1- (TIP no.)
Power consumption 70W (DC24V)
Ground resistance of the

soldering iron tip

< 2Ω
Leak voltage < 2mV
Code 1.2m
Total length (with no code) 172m
Weight (with no code) 27g


  • Replacement parts

Part name

Part number

Power unit (with no TIP) KUB-13
Soldering iron (with no TIP) KUH-1
Soldering iron holder set (sponge included) KUD-SS
Sponges, 5 pcs set CC-S5
Fuses, 5 pcs (100V/200V) BB-FU1005/BB-FU2005

High-output and compact Temperature Speed / Heat Controlled
Soldering Iron for providing the most suitable heat supply.

The simple design for pursuing efficiency, certainty, and
assuring the quality.
It is the compact model adopted with Assembly Tip excellent in
the heat recovery for maintaining a stable working temperature.

6 Features of KUNOICHI:-

  • Capable of flexibly handling even the most
    delicate and fine works, thanks to the working
    portion close to at hand.
  • Provides high-power even with the smallest
    soldering tip size.
  • Delivers an amazing start-up, reaching 350°C in
    only 8 seconds, thanks to all-in-one design of
    integrating the soldering tip, heater & sensor.
  • Simple design with the number of parts reduced
    by employing Assembly Tip.
  • Particularly powerful when using a soldering tip
    with a shape having relatively poor thermal
  • Pencil-type design to fit also for a woman’s hand
    for supporting the high workability.

More standard soldering tips will be added.


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